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Matching Your Fly Fishing Tactics to Water Conditions

The temperature and clarity of the water aren’t just small talk for fly anglers; they’re key to choosing the right flies and figuring out how to present them to the fish.

Fly Tying Series: Spring Essential – The Dee Monkey Fly

Originally tied with Colobus Monkey fur, modern variations of the Dee Monkey utilise a range of materials to achieve its distinctive profile.

The Lifecycle of the Atlantic Salmon in UK Waters: An Angler’s Guide

Understanding the lifecycle of the Atlantic salmon is instrumental in promoting sustainable fishing practices and conservation efforts. Anglers are often at the forefront of initiatives to protect salmon habitats…

Trout season opening

The opening day of trout season is steeped in tradition. It’s a day when generations come together, sharing stories, techniques, and spots that have been passed down through the years

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Youth Angling Development Days

Youth Angling Development Days

The "Positivity Through Angling" project, led by Michael Fearns, offers a significant contribution to youth development in the Minnygap area. Aimed at introducing and enhancing children's fishing skills, this initiative is noteworthy for its emphasis on mental health and well-being. It's more than...

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