Youth Angling Development Days

Dec 29, 2023 | News

The “Positivity Through Angling” project, led by Michael Fearns, offers a significant contribution to youth development in the Minnygap area. Aimed at introducing and enhancing children’s fishing skills, this initiative is noteworthy for its emphasis on mental health and well-being. It’s more than just fishing; it fosters a connection with nature, builds self-confidence, and nurtures new friendships.

Catering to different age groups and abilities, the project includes theoretical sessions on safety and equipment use, as well as practical fishing and casting sessions. A highlight of the program are the Family Fishing Days at The Green Frog (Moffat Fisheries), where children and parents engage in fishing together, underscoring the activity’s family-wide benefits.

These events focus on fishing basics and accommodate up to fifteen anglers per session. Despite some sessions being less productive in terms of catch, the emphasis remains on the overall experience and joy of fishing, rather than the quantity of fish caught. The project notably supports taking home the day’s catch, offering a comprehensive fishing experience.

“Positivity Through Angling” is a commendable initiative, demonstrating the profound impact of community-focused programs. It not only imparts fishing skills but also promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and a deep appreciation for the environment.

Head over to the Fish Annan Blog for more information about these events:

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