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Oct 3, 2023 | Blog, Competitions, News

FishPal invites you to showcase your angling spirit and photography prowess in a competition that celebrates the heart-pounding moments of fishing. Unleash your creativity, capture breathtaking scenes, and stand a chance to win some super prizes, including fishing vouchers, top-notch gear.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a photography enthusiast, this is your shot to shine. Join us in celebrating the magic of our waters and be part of a passionate community that cherishes the art of fishing.

Whether you're a seasoned angler and/or a photography enthusiast, this is your shot to shine.
Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a photography enthusiast, this is your shot to shine.

The FishPal Photo Competition: How to Enter

Simply use the hashtag #FishPalPhoto in your post description on Instagram or Facebook, or upload your photo here:

📅 Timeline: Submissions accepted until midnight 14th December 2023.

📸 Capture: Freeze moments that encapsulate the heart and soul of fishing.

🌍 Location: Anywhere across the incredible landscapes of the UK and Ireland.

And for the winners…

There will be six winners in total with 3 main prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The first place winner will choose from the three main prizes (just in case you have the top prize already 🎣), 2nd place will choose after that, and 3rd prize will be what is left. The 4th, 5th and 6th prizes will be awarded FishPal vouchers.

  1. Schöffel wading jacket + £50 FishPal voucher
  2. Cadence rod + £50 FishPal voucher
  3. A day of fishing for 2 rods on the Crathes Castle beat, River Dee (TBA) + £50 FishPal voucher
  4. £50 FishPal voucher
  5. £50 FishPal voucher
  6. £50 FishPal voucher

How Your Shots Will Shine

Your photographs will become the beacon of our community. FishPal intends to share the best entries across our platforms, celebrating your talents and the mesmerising beauty of UK and Ireland’s fishing scenes. With your permission, granted by submitting an image into the competition, these shots could even feature in our future marketing materials, reaching an even wider audience.

FishPal Photo Competition Rules

We will check that all of the rules have been adhered to before making the winning selection.

  • You must be the person that took the photo.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • Submissions must be original and taken in UK and Ireland.
  • All entries must be images taken in the 2023 fishing season.
  • All entries must be made via the hashtag on social media as explained below, or the uploader provided.
  • Participants can submit multiple photographs.
  • Photos should be high-resolution and not digitally altered to manipulate the content significantly.
  • Participants must have permission from any identifiable individuals in the photographs to submit their images.
  • All entries must be submitted within the specified timeline to be considered.
  • The photographer gives FishPal the right to publish the image and use it in marketing materials indefinitely. Credit will be given to the photographer.

If the image is submitted by adding the competition hashtag #FishPalPhoto then:

  • the hashtag must be in the post description, not in the comments. This makes the author of the post the person that submits the image in line with the competition rules;
  • the hashtag must be spelled correctly;
  • the hashtag can be typed in lower of uppercase formats ie. #FishPalPhoto, and #fishpalphoto will be accepted.

The Judging Journey

A panel of expert judges, a blend of seasoned anglers and photography aficionados, will evaluate your submissions. They seek creativity, composition, alignment with the theme, and the unique emotions your photos evoke, and most importantly fish welfare and best practice must be adhered to.

Once the judges have created a shortlist of winners, the selected images will be published on social media and an online poll for FishPal followers to vote for their favourite images by using the like button. The most ‘likes’, wins.

The FishPal Photo Competition Judges

  1. Will Draper, as well as heading up FishPal, Will owns a fishery in Suffolk and loves snapping the local birdlife.
  2. Craig Somerville, of the Castabroad Collective, is a lifelong fishing enthusiast with a deep passion for wild salmon.
  3. Stevie Munn, is well known in Ireland and abroad as a fabulous guide, AAPGAI Master casting instructor and flytyer.
  4. Ian Gordon, needs little introduction, renowned for his tackle innovation, and now works with Cadence Fly Fishing.
  5. TwinPeaks FlyFishing, founded by Will and Al Peake, operate out of their landmark store on the banks of the River Dee.
  6. You, The FishPal Social Media Community!

The Judging Timeline

Closing date for submissions: 14th December

Judging process (the judges deliberate): Begins 15th December

Community vote on Social media (and online poll): 22nd Dec – 5th January

Announcement of winners: 15th January River Tay opening

Winner Announcement and Follow-up

Once the judging process is complete, the winners names will be announced on the FishPal website and social media platforms, celebrating their exceptional fishing photography and awarding the prizes.

FishPal will also follow up with the winners and other participants, seeking permission to use their photographs and stories in future marketing materials.

“Ready, Set and Cast” Your Entry Today

Capture the pulse of fishing and stand a chance to win big. Join us in immortalising the magic of our waters, sharing your passion with the world. Get ready, set your lens, and cast your entry now.

Simply use the hashtag #FishPalPhoto in your post description on Instagram or Facebook, OR upload your photo here:

GDPR statement and FishPal’s privacy policy.

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