Affordable Scottish Salmon Fishing

Last year we all started noticing that the hard earned cash in our pockets was not going as far as it used to, which means in 2011 our fishing pound needs to work harder.

Every day we will be bringing you the latest fishing added to the FishPal system by fishery owners and managers across the UK & Europe. Today we have salmon fishing across Scotland from as little as £20.00 including day tickets for November starting at £35.00.

Lower Till, 2 miles upstream of junction with Tweed: The Tiptoe beat is one mile long, set in and attractive managed woodland valley and is fished from the right bank. The Tiptoe beat has 14 named pools, which provide exciting and varied fishing, with a mixture of streamy and holding pools, allowing wading and bank fishing. A fishing hut is positioned mid-way with a bench and a shelter. For more information please click

River Findhorn, Drynachan: In a beautiful, flat-bottomed valley, the River meanders gently between the heather-clad mountains giving a wonderfully pleasant environment in which to relax. For more information please click

River Nith: The Dumfries and Galloway Angling Association controls 2.5 miles of the River Nith. For more information please click

River Nith: The DGAA controls over 15 miles of the River Cairn, the main tributary of the River Nith. The River Cairn is smaller and more intimate than the Nith beat and varies in shape and size from top to bottom and could be split into three sections. For more information please click

Lower Dee, Banchory:  The Invery beat fishes 6 rods and is one of the best known lower beats on the River Dee and lies immediately downstream from the junction of one of the largest tributary entering the Dee opposite Banchory, the Water of Feugh. For more information please click

Lower Dee, near Crathes Park South: The River Dee is less than a five minutes’ walk from the house and all the pools are accessible by car and, depending on height, a considerable quantity of bank fishing is available. Wading is generally easy and certain pools are suitable for older guests and beginners, with easy bank fishing and casting. Park is renowned for the quality of its fishing. For more information please click

Lower Tay at Taymount: Taymount is one of the most legendary beats on the River Tay. The water is very varied and has excellent streamy water, ideal for flyfishing in all but the biggest spates. There are also deeper runs and pools where salmon hold up in all waters. There is always a chance of fish on Taymount regardless of conditions, but a rise in the water offers the best opportunities of all. For more information please click

Far North River Conon: The Brahan Fishings comprise 2 1/2 miles double bank fishing and a further 2 1/2 miles single (left) bank fishing on the River Conon. For more information please click

Middle Tweed, Lower Pavilion: Situated between the abbey town of Melrose and the village of Gattonside, Lower Pavilion offers one and a half miles of double bank salmon fishing. For more information please click

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If you would like fishing destinations, rivers that are not included on our system please leave a comment and we will endeavor to add this in due course

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