Fly Tying: Pearl & Blue Editor Variant

May 23, 2024 | Blog, Equipment, Flies

Welcome to this month’s edition of the FishPal Journal. In this series, we delve into the intricate art of fly tying, sharing detailed guides for crafting effective and beautiful flies. This month’s feature is the Pearl & Blue Editor Variant.

Material List:

  • Hook: Partridge Size 10 Single
  • Rear Tag: Silver 26 Wire
  • 2nd Rear Tag: Glo Brite 3 (Red)
  • Rib: Silver 26 Wire
  • Body 1: Pearl Uni Mylar
  • Body 2: Donegal Blue Semperfi Dubbing
  • Wing: Black Fox Mask
  • Flash: Silver Crystal Flash
  • Throat: Blue Hen Hackle Fibres
  • JC
  • Varnish: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (Red)

How to Fish the Pearl & Blue Editor Variant

There is no right or wrong way to fish any fly. Just as with tackle, every angler has their own preferred methods, usually based on personal success. While some patterns might perform better with certain techniques, the approach often varies.

When heading to the water, consider two main factors: the type of water and the method of fishing it. For fast water, you need materials suited for those conditions, and the same goes for slow water. This might seem straightforward, but how many of us truly contemplate it? To fish a pool properly, you might need to change your line and fly at least three times to effectively cover the neck, main body, and tail of the pool.

The Pearl & Blue Editor Variant is a simple yet effective fly. It’s a blend of a few flies, such as the Editor, but with some added twists. It began as a simplified version with only a short body (less than half the body length), a silver wire tag, blue dubbed body, and a black wing. The addition of the red tag and half pearl body was a fresh twist on the original.

The first simplified version originated on the Tyne system and has since been cast all over Scotland and Iceland. It has shown great success in all types of water, from peaty to clear, and for both sea trout and salmon.

I started fishing this fly on the dropper, with most of the takes being aggressive. It can, of course, be used as the point fly and tied on any hook; however, I prefer it on a single hook with a slightly longer body profile.

Now that the sea trout are entering the rivers, this would be a great addition to your fly box. Happy fishing!

Discover more flies as part of this series, including the Four-Layered Sunraythe Silver Ally’s Welder and the Oystercatcher.

About The Author

Charlie (WildRiseMedia) as part of the Castabroad Collective, has twenty years in sales and brand management working with some top brands such as Loop, Guideline & Vision in the recreational fishing industry, and also in footwear and lifestyle brands. With generations of fly fishing in the blood and an extreme passion for fly fishing and fly tying, he also lives for a life on the river and in the outdoors. Now, owner of the recognised fly-tying brand ‘CK Flies’, he brings his angling experience to a modern take on salmon fly tying through photography, videography and writing. His mission is to see his children take on the love of fly fishing, the way he and his family have for generations, and share his knowledge with others. 

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