Fly Tying Series: Posh Monkey Variant

Dec 14, 2023 | Equipment, Flies

Introducing this ‘Fly Tying series on the FishPal Journal including a short film on how to tie the Posh Monkey Variant; a recipe; and how to use it.

Watch the step-by-step tutorial

Materials List

  • Tube: Aluminium Slip Stream
  • Hook Tubing: Chartreuse from AM Fly Tying
  • Rear Tag: Sempertl Hot Green Wire
  • Body: SSS Dub Hot Green Highlander
  • Rib: Semperli Hot Green Wire
  • Wing 1: Chartreuse Bucktail
  • Flash: Chartreuse Angel Hair
  • Hackle: Chartreuse Hen Hackle
  • Wing 2: Black Temple Dog, 7-10cm
  • Varnish: Black Sally Hansen & Hard as Nails

Fishing Techniques

There’s no definitive right or wrong way to fish a fly. Much like tackle, everyone develops their preferred method, often based on past successes. Certain patterns may perform better with specific techniques.

When preparing to fish, consider two aspects: the type of water and the appropriate method for it. For rapid waters, select materials suited for high velocities. Conversely, in slower currents, choose materials designed for such conditions. It’s a common approach, but how often do we consciously think about it? To effectively fish a pool, you might need to switch your line and fly multiple times, adapting to different sections of the pool.

The Posh Monkey Variation is versatile, suitable for various fishing styles. In swift currents, I prefer to fish it squarely, allowing it to drift across the flow. To slow it down, cast further downstream, mend the line, and hold it in the current or near likely fish spots. In slower waters, particularly when fish are deeper or during the latter part of the season, I suggest casting almost upstream and retrieving rapidly. Use a roly-poly technique for added speed and continuous movement, interspersed with varied single strips to alter the fly’s motion. This fly tends to provoke aggressive responses and can result in explosive strikes. Essentially, you can fish it similarly to a Sunray, but in early spring, slower is better.

This fly is suitable for all seasons, but as the water warms and fish activity diminishes, it becomes an excellent choice for swinging in any water type.

Discover more flies as part of this series, including the Four-Layered Sunraythe Silver Ally’s Welder and the Oystercatcher.

About The Author

Charlie (WildRiseMedia) as part of the Castabroad Collective, has twenty years in sales and brand management working with some top brands such as Loop, Guideline & Vision in the recreational fishing industry, and also in footwear and lifestyle brands. With generations of fly fishing in the blood and an extreme passion for fly fishing and fly tying, he also lives for a life on the river and in the outdoors. Now, owner of the recognised fly-tying brand ‘CK Flies’, he brings his angling experience to a modern take on salmon fly tying through photography, videography and writing. His mission is to see his children take on the love of fly fishing, the way he and his family have for generations, and share his knowledge with others. 

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