Fly of the Month: The Red Francis Salmon Fly

Aug 30, 2023 | Blog, Equipment, Flies

Introducing the fifth in this ‘Fly of the Month’ series on the FishPal Journal including: a short film on how to tie the Red Francis Salmon Fly; a recipe; and how to fish it.

The Red Francis salmon fly stands as a timeless classic in salmon fly fishing. Renowned for its captivating allure and unwavering effectiveness (for fish and anglers), the Red Francis often triggers an irresistible response from even the most discerning salmon, and grilse. Whether cast in swift or serene pools, the Red Francis continues to be a fly nobody goes without in their box. Strip this fly, and be ready.

CK Flies ties his Hybrid version – Using AM Fly Tying T Tubes & Semperfli dubbing which adds a glitter to the body of the fly.

Watch the step-by-step tutorial

How to fish the Red Francis Salmon Fly

Using Uni thread 72D and 136D, AM Fly Tying T Tubes & Semperfli dubbing which adds a glitter to the body of the fly. A VERY successful pattern in Scotland, this variant has been tried and tested and works a treat.

A super fly for grilse, especially from this time of year onwards.

Fish this fly in the backend of the season, and hang on tight because territorial cock fish will crunch this tasty-looking imposter in their pool. The Francis is fished in many different ways, but it is a fly that seems to best perform near or on the bottom of the riverbed, right on their noses.

Discover more flies as part of this series, including the Four-Layered Sunray, the Silver Ally’s Welder and the Oystercatcher.

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