Fly of the Month: Silver Ally’s Welder

Aug 3, 2023 | Blog, Flies

Introducing the forth in this ‘Fly of the Month’ series on the FishPal Journal including: a short film on how to tie the Silver Ally’s Welder; a recipe; and how to fish it.

Here we have Charlie tying a variation of one of the most famous dressed doubles in Scottish salmon fly fishing but in a welder style by Stuart Foxall. This nice bright pattern in a spate river this late summer/early autumn when the rain comes can be all you need in your fly box. Cudos to Stuart Foxall and Charlie Keyser, and Ally Gowan’s who created the first Ally’s Shrimp pattern.

Watch the step-by-step tutorial

Material List

  • Hook: Size 6 Ahrex HR428
  • Rear Tag: Silver Wire Size 25
  • Rear Body: Medium Holographic Rear
  • Rib: Silver Wire Size 25
  • Rear Wings (Top & Underside): Squirrel
  • Rear Hackle: Hot Orange Cock Hackle
  • Rear Wing: Hot Orange Bucktail
  • Tinsel: Pearl Flashabou
  • Rear Top Wing: Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Tippet
  • Front Body: Uni Floss Black (Split)
  • Front Rib: Silver Wire Size 25
  • Front Hackle: Hot Orange Cock Hackle
  • Front Wing: Orange Fox Mask
  • Varnish: Black Sally Hanson x 2 & Sally Hanson Hard as Nails x 1

Discover more flies as part of this series, including the Four-Layered Sunray and the Oystercatcher.

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