Luxury Living and Fishing Cabins

Cabins bespoke for you and your setting. Cotswild cabins are architect designed cabins…

hand built in the Cotswolds by a team of craftsmen.

The exterior of the cabin is aesthetically pleasing with a modern feel and sits perfectly within the landscape.

The vision for the interior was to achieve maximum space and light whilst being simple to maintain. The use of glass windows and doors bring the landscape closer and bathe the interior of the living area in light.

The range includes a wheeled version. You can simply hook it on to your vehicle and take it anywhere accessing hard to reach areas. They make a perfect fishing and game keepers hut, or beach hut, home office, spa and luxurious accommodation.

Features include:

Cladding – corrugated steel, cedar, larch, zinc
Windows – aluminium, upvc for high thermal insulation and design
Heating – designer radiators, underfloor heating, log burner
Kitchens – Pick between a bespoke country farmhouse style kitchen or a contemporary coloured steel kitchen
Bathrooms – high quality branded units built to last and feel spacious
Loos – fully plumbed in loo or a modern state of the art compost loo depending on the location

Designed and built by craftsmen in the Cotwolds

Get in touch

Telephone 07810 374751
Visit Aldsworth, Cheltenham GL54

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