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Aug 25, 2022 | River Reports, Uncategorized

It’s the end of August and the nights have been at times too hot to sleep…..

(Hot August Night, is a great live album by Neil Diamond, LA 1972) and my local fishing spot is normally very HOT!

Ireland is experiencing an heatwave and our rivers are dreadfully low, with limited opportunities really available only when temperatures cooled, it’s all about conditions as we know and a few localised showers permitted me a spot of river fishing, I have heard the same stories from almost every angler, we need rain.

So I guess I have been lucky to have landed five Summer grilse and some decent wild trout and dollaghan lately but. We are all hoping for some rain and a run of fish during the back end of the season, like many my last two seasons have been better than this year.

At the time of writing I am being asked more about my fly casting lessons, which is something as an instructor I have done for many years.

I have also had a lot of interest in my new role at Fishpal and the service and marketing FishPal is offering to Ireland’s guides, rivers and accommodation providers.

It’s been a very exciting time, with two new fantastic amazing projects that I have been able to concentrate on, which has certainly helped at a time when we lost the Irish Fly fair due to circumstances beyond our control.

Cadence Fly Fishing is a new company which asked myself and my old colleague from Hardy, Ian Gordon, to design fly rods. The single handed range has been a labour of love, producing 14 rods covering everything from small burns to large rivers to stillwaters and loughs, offering something new for the game angler. Cadence uses the best materials, expertise and sells their rods at sensible prices. Their motto is “Go Fishing – Give Back”

The feedback on the rods has been simply amazing, which does feel good as I know the effort it has taken sourcing the best materials, three seasons of work creating the rod ranges, including field testing in Iceland, Scotland, Norway, England and Ireland. I believe we have put together something truly great with the team. I’ve loved designing the single handed rods and catching fish with them.

Fish keep getting off! A few tips on Summer grilse.

On my local rivers I like to use a single hand rod 10’ #7 or 10 # 8 or my new 9’9 # 8, as I like to put more movement into the fly.

My favourite low water salmon fly is a stoat’s tail variant with a bit of red in it , normally dressed on a Partridge P double hook, this hook has a short shank and good points which is needed when fishing for grilse.

I often hear anglers say I keep losing grilse and to be honest anyone who has fished for them often may lose more than they hook as this really just comes with the territory, so try not to be disheartened when they don’t stick.

Some say the tugs the drug, I would say check your hooks often and if the points need to be touched up a small hook file will help . Grilse can be strange takers and often it’s a “simple sip” almost like a trout taking a nymph as the fish sucks in the fly and at other times it can be a stop, bang or an arm wrenching wallop.

Grilse are said to have a softer mouth and often will take the fly at the front part of the mouth so sharp, strong hooks really are essential.

I am looking forward to a better September

Stay positive, tight lines and safe wading


FishPal Ireland Country Manager
Cadence Rod Designer & Ambassador

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