Silver Ghosts by Will Shropshire

Jul 12, 2022 | Uncategorized

‘Spending time on a river in the pursuit of the king of fish opened my eyes to the natural
beauty of such special places at a critical time for the survival of this incredible species.’

 “A touching tale of young love and angling. Makes me wish I could take up fishing” Paul Whitehouse.

Fly-fisher, Will Shropshire, has brought his passion for the sport – and the mental well-being it brings – in this beautifully written and illustrated tale of a young man’s journey to appreciating the river and its wildlife.

Silver Ghosts tells the tale of Callum, a disengaged teenager initially most comfortable with his own company gaming or hanging out with his alleged ‘friends’. After some
encouragement, the reluctant Callum slowly discovers the joy of fly-fishing and the calm it brings him – as well as new, true friendships.

Having lost his father, Callum seeks guidance from his grandfather, learning the skills
required to succeed at fly-fishing, with the Atlantic salmon his ultimate prize. Along the way he encounters love, loss and conflict, but also discovers the true satisfaction and peace brought about by fishing on his beloved River Dee.

The underlying purpose of Silver Ghosts is to highlight the importance of conserving the
Atlantic salmon and their environment, to allow future generations to enjoy healthy rivers
and to find solace in the act of fly-fishing. Shropshire achieves this through his honest and engaging narrative style. Whether you’re a keen fly-fisher or someone looking for a good tale of personal discovery, Silver Ghosts will have you captivated.

Silver Ghosts has raised nearly £23,000 so far.

By purchasing this book you will provide valuable support the following charities that are attempting to reverse this decline, River Dee Trust, Salmon & Trout Conservation and Atlantic Salmon Trust. You can purchase Silver Ghosts here.

About the author
As a teenager, Will Shropshire spent many school holidays fishing the canals and rivers of Shropshire with his friends. During his career in finance, he worked for more than fifteen years away from the UK. Whilst enjoying his time abroad, he missed nothing more than the British seasons and the countryside of home.

Since returning to the UK, he has developed a passion for fly-fishing. He caught his first Scottish salmon in 2016 and made his first visit to Deeside in April 2019.

Wanting to raise awareness of the plight of wild salmon amongst a wide cross-section of the population, Will decided he would try to do this through writing a novel featuring a teenager the same age as his own son and daughter.

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