Spring Salmon Flies

With so many flies to choose from we’ve listed the top three flies that consistently appear within the FishPal fishing reports during Spring. These flies can fish in all conditions and river heights, just refine the size of the fly to be in with a chance of a springer.

Willie Gunn can be fished with confidence in almost every situation, just change the size to suit the water conditions. Try a 2 1/2″ gold bodied Golden Gunn with a little tinsel flash in the tail, the addition of the gold on on the body gives a distinctive kick to this drab looking fly and works very well in all water condition. It’s the bling version of the outstanding Willie Gunn.

Ally Gowans Cascade in the space of little more than a decade has established itself as one of the most used of all salmon flies in the UK and an excellent fly for spring. It fishes well in all heights and conditions of all of the rivers. Its is arguably the most popular. It is fished throughout the season but comes into its own when the water starts to rise from the cold spring temperatures.

Posh Tosh – A fly that stands the test of time. The vibrant colours of a heavily dressed Posh Tosh work well in peaty/whisky coloured water and is an excellent fly in spring. The two tone wing and fluorescent throat hackle of artic fox flowing over the top and bottom of the brightest of mirage body’s is a true stunner in the water.  It comes in a single, double, treble, Copper, Conehead and Aluminums tubes to suit all water conditions, from 2 1/2 “ copper tubes to a size 16 treble.

We all have a favourite fly and its important when fishing for salmon to use a fly that you have confidence in.

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