Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and accomplishments. In the world of fishing it’s the 100th anniversary year of Miss Georgina Ballantine record breaking 64lb Atlantic salmon.

The Tay Rivers Trust, Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board and FishPal have organised a series of ladies events across the river for 2022.

Zoila Brozas started the celebratory year in style with the first cast of the season for women on the river Tay at Meikleour Fishing.

She said “It was a huge honour to be a guest on opening day. I would encourage more women to try fishing this year. You don’t always see the fish, but you know they are there!

The ladies events start next week on the prestigious FishPonds Beat, Saturday 19th March. The day includes salmon fishing from the boat and bank, tuition with a AAPGAI casting instructor and a hot lunch. The day has received interest from women as far as Italy and the USA, and sold out within 48 hours.

Next month Bob White will host a day on Catholes and Pitlochrie on Friday 22nd April. There are events for women booked on Murthly 1, Murthly 2 and Meikleour Fishing, with more to follow.

Georgina Ballantine has inspired many.
On Tuesday, International Women’s Day and the final day of Paris Fashion Week, Chanel’s runway saw an ode to Tweed. Guests followed in the footsteps of Garbrielle “Coco” Chanel along the River Tweed. The iconic Chanel jacket was conceived by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s influenced by her love of fishing and hunting in Scotland.
The jacket and skirt that Georgina Ballantine wore with her 64lb salmon would not look out of place on the Paris catwalk 100 years later.

If you would like to join FishPal’s Anne Woodcock and River Tay Reporter Samantha Datta on the next ladies day please contact anne@fishpal.com

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