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The Stora-Laxa is one of Iceland’s most amazing salmon rivers

The river Stora-Laxa is one of the places in the south-west of Iceland where anglers are most likely to hook a big salmon. Most fishermen that have learned the secrets of the Stora Laxa are drawn back every year. Stora Laxa is 90 km from the capital Reykjavik. The salmon season is only 90 days from June 24 until September 24 each year which is very common for most all salmon rivers in Iceland

The Stora Laxa has two beats, the Lower Stora Laxa which offers around 60 marked pools and the Upper Stora Laxa beat that offers around 50 various pools. The total length of Stora Laxa spans over 90 km and offers double-bank fishing on gin-clear water.

The Lower Stora Laxa with 6 rods has many of the river’s best known pools on the river. The beat is easily accessible which suits all anglers and has the most productive pools. This beat has fast rocky pools, canyons and the further down you go, the river opens up to marvelous meadows with slow moving pools.

The Upper Stora Laxa with 4 rods is without a doubt one of the most stunning salmon beats in the world. The Upper Stora Laxa has fast running pools, deep slow-moving water and rough canyons through the highland plains.

The Stora Laxa can be fished with either double-handed or single-handed rods, with either floating or sinking lines. Medium-sized flies and tubes have proven particularly effective. The river holds a big rate of monster salmon and anglers are advised to use tackle that can withstand long, tough struggles.

The Stora Laxa lodge offers full board accommodation, twin-bedded bedrooms, bathroom, shower and three meals daily. The lodge provides guests with the best there is in Icelandic cuisine and offers a wide selection of wines from around the world. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by a team of award-winning chefs coming from some of the best restaurants in Reykjavik.

Offer: Salmon fishing for 3-6 days on Lower Stora Laxa

– available dates are August 5-8 and August 8-11

– salmon fishing with one rod or „shared“ rod

– full board accommodation
– twin-bedded bedroom

– guiding service (one guide for 2 rods)

Single rod/day price is £1,190-

Shared rod/day price is £790

It is quite common to share a rod & room with a partner which keeps the costs down as you‘ll have 12 hours of salmon fishing daily – that is a lot of fishing per day!

The fishing starts at 4pm on the first day of fishing and ends at noon on the last day of fishing. You‘ll have to arrive in Iceland on the day before the fishing starts. 

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For more information please contact Jon Sigurdsson on mob: +354-8994247 or email:

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