Kemnay Angling Club – Aberdeenshire Don

In stark contrast to last year some of us have been able to get out on our local waters and have a cast and enjoy the best of the spring fishing. Until recently this was restricted to your local authority area and a short distance out with. Now we have more flexibility we have had a greater number of members and visitor anglers enjoying the Kemnay Angling Club beat, which I’ll be delighted to feedback upon further as the season progresses.

The cold winter has certain slowed growth this year and the seasons, river and it’s inhabitants are a good few weeks behind. Salmon numbers have been low across the Don this spring and little effort has been put in as a result on the club water. Several kelts were taken early in the season but no fresh fish have yet to be landed.

The brown trout fishing on the other hand has been very good, with trout in surprisingly good condition following such a hash winter.

Steady hatches of March brown and LDO’s were witnessed throughout early April when conditions were above average for the time of year. Members picked away at trout up to 2lb mainly on nymphs but the odd one taking a dry. As April progressed challenging winter conditions returned and hatches and trout seemed to go off the boil for a week or two until better weather retuned in May.

One new member to the club had a cracking afternoon last week on the Coffee Pot where he took several fish to 2lb, on the dry on his split cane rod in under an hour. “When you hit it right it’s just bliss, I could have had a better day for several season now” he recounted.

Prospects are looking better as day and evening temperatures are set to improve over the coming weeks. A rise in the river last week has brought a chance of some salmon moving into the beat and freshened up the pools for trout. Hatches are occurring throughout the early afternoon from midday when conditions are right and there is also a glimpse of some evening rises as well which bodes well for the rest of the month and into June when the sedges really get going.

A few terrestrials are on the move now with dung fly and hawthorns flitting about so plenty of variety on offer for the resident trout. May heralds the start of sea trout running the Don in significant numbers so worth running through with some sea trout flies as well.

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