Generous Anglers Donate £22,000 

Anglers during the coronavirus pandemic have donated £22,000 when booking a days fishing through FishPal, a Scottish Borders based fishing portal that has been raising money for Fishery Trusts and charities since 2003.

Rivers Trusts in Scotland, England and Wales will benefit including two conservation charities The Wild Trout Trust and The Atlantic Salmon Trust. The Wheelyboat Trust that provides disabled people with independent access to activities on the water will also benefit.

Mark Cockburn FishPal CEO said “Anglers are the eyes and ears of our rivers and are amongst some of the greatest conservationists. These are challenging times for fish stocks just now so everything we can do to ensure the river is in as good health as possible is particularly important” 

“One of our unique services is to ask anglers when they are booking fishing to make voluntary donations to various river trusts, in doing so they are helping to support conservation work which has wider benefits for the community.” Mark Cockburn, CEO FishPal

The donations will be used in various ways by trusts from projects to protect and enhance their river and surrounding areas to education programmes teaching children about river conservation and giving them their first opportunity to have a go at fly fishing which we hope will be the start of a life long passion for the sport.

River Don Trust Richard Fyffe, Chairman River Don Trust.
“It is fantastic that anglers are keen to support the river Trusts and Boards, when they book fishing and we applaud them. Times are so hard on The River Don, with reduced fish numbers and major conservation issues. As a Trust we welcome every single penny of every donation which will allow us to keep working to improve our river system whilst at the same time to carry out research into the worrying decline in the numbers of smolts and returning salmon and sea trout.” Richard Fyffe, Chairman River Don Trust.

Wessex Rivers Trust Dave Rumble, CEO Wessex Rivers Trust.
“Wessex Rivers Trust is grateful to all the anglers who chose to make a donation through Fishpal. The funds will help us continue our long-term mission to protect and enhance our iconic chalk rivers for future generations.” Dave Rumble CEO Wessex Rivers Trust

Tweed Foundation.Jamie Stewart, Director Tweed Foundation.
“We are incredibly grateful to FishPal and the Tweed angling community for making this contribution towards our educational work on the river. To raise such a significant sum of money during these challenging times speaks volumes about the generosity of our community and the faith they have in the work of the Tweed Foundation”. “In addition to our widely recognised scientific work on the river, we spend a great deal of time educating our local communities and those who visit the area highlighting the pressures on the Iconic Atlantic Salmon, other freshwater fish and the river habitat”. 

Tyne Rivers Trust Dr Ceri Gibson, CEO Tyne Rivers Trust.
“The challenges of the Coronavirus meant we were not able to achieve all we had hoped for in 2020.  We have however, continued to stabilise the toxic legacy from abandoned spoil heaps at the top of the catchment and improve the design of the fish pass on the Darden burn.  We are also pleased to report that fish have been observed successfully using our recently installed passes on the River Rede and Swin Burn.” “Whilst we were limited by lockdowns, the river conditions for fish were good with little impediment to upstream movement.  We are delighted that those enjoying the Tyne fishing through FishTyne also generously donated to Tyne Rivers Trust, helping us to continue to improve the fishery for all.”

The River Dee Trust Sandy Bremner, Chairman of The River Dee Trust.
“We are extremely grateful for this donation from anglers booking their fishing on the FishDee site, and to Mark Cockburn and his team for their continued support”“It has been a very challenging year on several fronts, but The River Dee Trust has stepped up the delivery of short and long-term projects to help our salmon and the whole ecosystem. We’ve been working in close partnership with the River Board and all those who treasure our incredible river. It’s the unstinting support of our many friends that makes this work possible.” 

The WheelyBoat Trust Andy Beadsley Founder and Director of The WheelyBoat Trust.
“Enormous thanks to the anglers who donated, especially in these difficult times.  Our work helping fisheries acquire Wheelyboats that are essential for disabled anglers to get on the water and fish continues unabated and, to this end, these fund will be put to very good use.  Many thanks indeed and tight lines!” 

Mark Cockburn FishPal CEO

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