FishIceland, Laxa in Leirarsveit, 30 km from Reykjavik

Laxa in Leirarsveit is one of Iceland’s most prolific salmon rivers. It is an excellent river for fly fishing, with a good variety of pools. It has a strong and loyal following of both American and British fishermen that come back year after year. The high average catch per rod makes it one of Iceland top 10 salmon rivers.

The river is very “fisherman friendly” were as access to most of the 45 pools is very easy which makes the river a very good fly fishing river. Each of the beats of the river has its own charisma where you have both slow and fast running water and different landscape. Some of the pools are full of fish throughout the season and are therefore considered by some fishermen as Iceland´s best fly fish pools.

Average size of the salmon is 6lbs but every year there are salmon caught weighing approx 20lbs and quite a few in the 10-16lbs size. The clarity of the river gives sight fishing opportunities as the salmon lie on the many gravel beds of the river. Most of the pools can be fished from shore, although shallow wading is preferred in some pools to better present the fly to the salmon.

There is a bag limit of two fish per day for each rod but after that you may catch & release. Your catch can be chilled or frozen so that you can take it with you when you leave. Alternatively, you can leave it with the outfitter for smoking and shipping at a later date. Catch and release is becoming more popular, and especially for 2-year-old fish, longer than 70cm (28″) they should be released for conservation reasons.

For tackle advice, the Laxa is usually fished with light tackle, single hand rods no. 7-8 with a floating line and small flies. Heavier tackle is used in higher water conditions. The river is ideal for hitching or using micro tubes and most of the fish caught will rise to the fly. Smaller flies are traditional, single and double hooks, size 10-14. Productive flies are ones like: Hitch tubes, Micro tubes, Red Frances, Green Butt, Stoats Tail, Collie Dog, Black Sheep.

Sea Trout fishing in the estuary under the midnight sun will give any serious game angler a remember-able time. From mid summer the sea trout run into the river and can be caught in certain parts of the river. The sea trout weigh up to 6lbs.

Location: The river is only a half hour drive west from Reykjavik so all kinds of activities for non fishing partners are very easily arranged.

Full board accommodation is included and in a very comfortable lodge overlooking the river. The lodge has 8 twin-bedded rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a large sitting room, hot tub and a comfortable dining area where gourmet-class meals are prepared and served by leading Icelandic chefs.

Please contact Jon Sigurdsson with mobile: +3548994247 or email:

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