Intelligent Salmon Fly Selection

Jan 30, 2020 | Tackle Box, Uncategorized

WSF-AboutA New FREE Web Service is Launched for Salmon Anglers

We’ve all been there – you get to the water’s edge and just tie on the same fly which worked the last time you were out – hoping that the fish will still be interested. Well, how about using a little bit of modern technology to give you a helping hand in deciding which fly to use?

With that exact scenario in mind, Salmon Flies UK have been working on a project for the last 8 months and after extensive user testing, it’s finally ready to release. It’s a website (accessible on any device) which shows you which flies to use on which rivers based on the date and river levels. It retrieves all of these details automatically, and then references them against a comprehensive database and live feeds behind the scenes, to display:

• Images of the suggested flies to use for the river selected
• For each fly it gives you a short description and also provides information on hook sizes
and weights.
• Each of the flies displayed are clickable, where it takes you to larger images and more
information on each fly.
• You even get the option to have the results emailed to you

The website is being launched to coincide with the opening of the salmon rivers throughout Scotland. The website currently covers the most popular salmon rivers in Scotland & England (with more rivers – and countries – being added daily), and best of all, it’s free of charge (with no annoying adverts)!

To use the site:
Using your phone, tablet or computer, just access this will take you to the website:

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 16.07.16Click on “Country” and select from the drop down list the country you are interested in. This then presents you with a list of salmon rivers in that country, for example, choosing Scotland and the River Tweed, will present you with the following in March

WSF-TweedAs well as displaying the flies, the site also displays a live feed of the current river levels for various stations across the length of the river, so anglers can be prepared for the current conditions

WSF-LevelsIf you would like to check which flies to use for a forthcoming fishing trip, just use the Trip Planner section, choose your Country, River, Month & Water Level then click “Update Results”

WSF-PlannerOnce you’re happy you have the results you need, scroll down, click on “Email Results”, fill in your details and the results will be delivered to you direct to your inbox:

WSF-EmailThe service currently only covers the most popular salmon rivers in Scotland and England – We are adding more rivers daily, so keep checking back for updates. We are also more than happy to expand this to cover more countries and are actively looking for partners to help us expand it to other countries around the world.

About Salmon Flies UK
Salmon Flies UK are a sister company of Barbless Flies Limited and only supply the highest quality, innovative salmon flies to the discerning salmon angler. All of the flies featured on our website ( are hand tied using the highest quality materials on the highest quality hooks (Partridge). We ship all of our products FREE of CHARGE, to ANYWHERE in the WORLD – minimum order value of £10. We are based in North Yorkshire, UK.

Contact: Richard Fieldhouse
Tel: 0330 66 00 587

United Kingdom. January 24, 2020
Intelligent Salmon Fly Selection

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 16.07.16WSF-About

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