Inverness Ladies Day


The total for the Ladies day on the Saturday 31st August and the men’s thank you day on the Friday 30th August, is £1,165.05. This was made up of £960 from the ladies paying for the day, £164.40 from the raffle held over the two days, and £40.65 for David Mateer Fly tickets.

We are able to give all the proceeds to the Hospice without any deductions, as The Angling Club gave all the fishing for free. On top of this all the food for the two days was donated. A big thankyou to Ness-Side Catering, Chop Chop Gardening Services (Tracy and Stephen Stronach), Amanda and her Mam, Eileen Elliott and Sue Cunningham for food over the two days. And also a big thankyou for the raffle prizes to the Stronach family and Alex Elliott.

Thank you to David, Frank, Scott and the coaches and helpers from the Angling Club who did brilliantly under difficult circumstances – I hope those of you who got drenched have managed to dry out! Thank you to Tracy, Stephen, Chyenne and Gordo who did fantastic keeping us all fed and watered and running around doing all sorts of things behind the scenes. Thank you to Sue Cunningham, who collected kit from the Spey Angling Association (sorry we didn’t get to use the kit Sue).

Thank you Tracy, for helping to organise the event (We couldn’t have done it without you) and for lending us your lovely family J

Sorry if there is someone I haven’t thanked, but there were so many people who made the days a success…..

And last but not least, a big thankyou to Anne Woodcock, who set up ‘ladies fishing’ and who inspired us to run our own River Ness Ladies Day.

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