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California has more than 8 million hectares of forested public land, making access to lakes, rivers and streams to the general public relatively easy. Fishing all of it is free.

This vast amount of accessible land makes knowing where and when to go trout fishing very important. Many areas are supported by local fly-fishing clubs, organizations, and fly shops, offering fishing reports, conservation efforts and guided services. Trout season runs from the last Saturday in April to November 15th. An annual sport fishing license is required, which costs approximately $50 (US).

Putah Creek

Located 70 miles north east of San Francisco, and running between two dams, Putah creek is well known as a very productive wild trout fishery. Only artificial flies and lures with barbless hooks may be used. Putah creek is catch and release only. Putah creek is not stocked, so the trout are strong and healthy fighters. It is a very technical and challenging river.

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Flows start increasing in April and start to decrease in September. Flows above 300 cfs make wading a challenge. Using small flies with fine tippets (5-7x) with an indicator and split shot is a standard for many fishermen. A soft-hackle emerger pattern also works well on most days. Local guides stick to mayflies and midges, #16 or smaller. 3 to 6 wt rods are typical.

The following link will direct you to Putah Creek’s website .

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