For Sale Forss House Fishing

IMG_1518A timeshare rod ‘in perpetuity’ for Week 23 (July) on the River Forss has just come to market for £5,500 (ono). The 5yr average is 11.2 and the 10yr average is 11.8 (to 2018). These catch statistics have been achieved despite not all the rods in this week being fished; in one year, for example, 4 rods landed 26 salmon. The fishing produces up to 495 salmon in some years, with an average of around 250.

The Forss is a beautiful midge-free river on the wild north Scottish coast which benefits from runs of fresh salmon off every tide. Forss House Fishings own the first 3.5 miles of the river with 29 named pools, plus the fishing rights in the picturesque Crosskirk Bay at the mouth of the river, and a well-equipped fishing Bothy overlooking the Bay. The Timeshare is very efficient and enjoys a low annual management charge (£245 currently). The river is well-cared for by a full-time Fishery Manager, with cut banks, wooden walkways, landing platforms, and easy access by vehicle and on foot.

Please contact the Owner for more information and photos: Email: or 01395 567269

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