Spey Salmon Tagging Project

55517426_2172121106202072_5133146201222283264_oIf you are fishing the Spey, or even other rivers, please keep an eye out for adult salmon bearing tags. The Spey Fishery Board and Spey Ghillies are running a salmon tagging project to:

  1. Determine the re-capture rate of released salmon.
  2. Provide information on the movements of rod caught salmon.

Ghillies along the river Spey have been provided with tags, tagging equipment and training. Tagged fish could be recaptured anywhere in the river, even in other rivers, so the Spey are asking all anglers to look out for fish carrying “Floy” tags (pictured) next to the dorsal fin. Floy tags are vinyl coated, available in different colours and individually numbered. On one side there is the tag number, on the other the telephone number for reporting a recapture.

54424854_2172121592868690_5251339840032604160_oWhat to do if you catch a tagged fish?

  1. Take a note of the Floy tag colour and number (take good photo if possible).
  2. Carefully release the fish, with tag still in place.
  3. All fish bearing tags should be released as quickly as possible.
  4. Contact the Spey Fishery Board by Telephone number on tag or on 01340 810841
  5. Anglers reporting a tagged fish will receive details of the fish including original tagging place and date, as well as any other information available

A full report on the tagging study will be published at the end of the season, including details of all fish.

The Spey hope to obtain new estimates of recapture rates and information on movements of tagged fish. These tags last so they may even be able to look at the percentage of tagged kelts next spring


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