North East & Yorkshire Rivers.

Catch and Release statement from the Environment Agency for North East and Yorkshire Rivers…
“We have not introduced mandatory catch and release for salmon in any of the principal salmon rivers in Yorkshire or North East in 2019.  Therefore, voluntary catch and release arrangements will be maintained for rod fisheries on the rivers Coquet, Tyne, Wear Tees and Yorkshire Esk.


We will monitor voluntary catch and release rates on those rivers, and have set a minimum target of 90% catch and release rates by voluntary means in the first instance.


Where the 90% catch and release target is not met, we will take decisions on a river-by-river basis whether or not mandatory catch and release should be applied by byelaw. If the current catch and release rate is higher than the proposed 90% rate, then the current rate will be required to be maintained.


From 2019, we have introduced mandatory catch and release for those smaller rivers which are not classified as principal salmon rivers where salmon stocks are more vulnerable and therefore require greater protection, because populations are either very low or at an early stage in recovery.


In the North East and Yorkshire these rivers are the Waren Burn, Aln, Blyth, Wansbeck, Tyne Derwent, Tyne Don, Skelton Beck, Skinningrove Beck and all parts of the Yorkshire Ouse system including the River Ure.”

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