20lb Plus Atlantic Salmon

Nov 21, 2018 | River Reports

Laxa-1Have you dreamed about catching a 20+ pound Atlantic salmon in one of your many trips to Scotland, Norway or Canada and never succeeded? Well, here is your chance !!
Laxa in Adaldal, which many simply call ‘Big Laxa’, is one of Iceland’s largest salmon rivers, and it consistently produces the country’s heaviest fish every year, meaning fish of greater than 10 kg or 20 pounds.

  • Offer: Salmon fishing for 4 days on Big Laxa during July 18 to July 22, 2019
  • Originating at Lake Myvatn and fed by numerous springs, the river has the clarity and complex currents of a spring creek. However, this is a big, powerful river, and of the Icelandic salmon rivers, only the Sog in the south has a bigger flow. Many fishermen value Big Laxa because conditions are reliable. Variances in water levels are minimal and the water temperatures are very consistent.
  • Sight fishing opportunities are rare though, as the salmon blend in with the packed lava sand bottom. If you are fortunate enough to hook a big fish, aforementioned weeds and sharp lava bedrock stand at the ready to relieve you of your quarry. However, many return back home with a big smile after catching a 20+ pound fish, memories that will live with them for the rest of their lives.
  • A tradition on the Big Laxa is to use small flies on single or double hooks. The standard fly size is eight, and many fish are taken on tens and twelves. It is almost all floating line fishing on the Big Laxa. Most of the pools can be fished by wading or from the bank, though a few are fished from a boat using the classic drop-down method. Prime time fishing is from July 15 until July 31.
  • Favorable flies to carry are Black & Blue, Laxa Blue, Black Sheep, Sunray Shadow, Blue Doctor, Night Hawk, Crossfield, Wolfowitz and Frances. Mostly double hooks and varying sizes and shapes of tubes.
  • Big Laxa is fished with 8 rods on 4 beats with a fare rotation system in place. There are two rods on each beat and you will be fishing each beat two times during your four days at the Big Laxa. Accommodation is provided in a large and very comfortable lodge at Big Laxa lodge with 12 twin-bedded rooms, each with en-suite facility. The lodge has a beautiful sitting room and a comfortable dining area where superior meals are served daily. There is a large and heated wading room where you can keep your fishing waders between fishing sessions.

     Offer includes: 

  1. Salmon fishing for 4 days on the Big LaxaFishing starts at 4 pm on July 18 Fishing ends at noon on July 22
  2. Pick-up on arrival in Iceland
  3. Transfer to your accommodation in Reykjavik
  4. Accommodation in Reykjavik before/after your fishing
  5. Domestic flights Reykjavik-Akureyri-Reykjavik
  6. Transfer Akureyri-BigLaxa-Akureyri is included
  7. Guiding service is included (one guide for 2 rods)
  8. Price is £6,750
  • Travel arrangements to Iceland from most cities in Europe are around three hours flying time. There are about 27 airlines that offer flights during the summer months and the earlier you book the better are the prices. You will need to arrive in Iceland one day before your fishing starts and you will depart Iceland on the morning after your fishing ends.
  • I will meet and greet you on arrival in Iceland and transport you to your accommodation in Reykjavik.
  • If you would like any more information on this exciting offer please do not hesitate to contact me.
I look very much forward to hearing from you.
Jon Sigurdsson. FishIceland
Mob. +354 899 4247


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