What Flies To Use In Autumn

Malcolm Anderson from Caledonia Fly Company shares his fly choice for the backend

Two successful backend flies are the Red Bobby Shrimp and General Practitioner, which fish well in all water conditions.


When there is a rise in water levels the Aurora Cascade feeler is well worth a cast (size 8 or 10). If you’re fishing faster streams and need a fly to hold in the flow longer use a Sunburst Cascade copper tube, deadly fly for the backend fish. For older fish that have seen a lot of flies a plain subtle pattern like an original Willie Gunn or a Munro Killer will tempt them. Fish are still being taken on clear intermediate tips but I would prefer a little bit deeper using a tip of about 3”/sec.  Where to Buy Flies.

Remember to handle the fish with great care as they are not so robust as they are in the spring. The females are fat with eggs, if you need to lift them out of the net please support the whole body.


Wishing you all the best from Malcolm at Caledonia Fly Company

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