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FishPal were in London at the weekend taking part in a discussion on the future of Salmon. The program was part of a 24 hour broadcast to celebrate World Fishing Day. We asked anglers to send in their questions for the program. During the coming weeks we will add the answers to the FishPal blog and share these across social media to continue the discussion.


Question:How do the Atlantic Salmon Trust know for every 100 Salmon that leave our rivers only 5 return. Where did they get these figures from?

Answer from the Atlantic Salmon Trust:

The 5% figure. Please refer to 2016 ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) advice to NASCO (North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation – which is the Regional Fisheries Management Organisation for salmon in the Atlantic).

Please look at the last paragraph on page 74 and the graph on page 75 (our stocks are classed as south wild – bottom left graph) The 1SW fish (grilse) have been showing the declining trend in marine survival. The 2 SW fish have not been showing a declining trend – their % survival at sea has always been low.

The 5% figure is not just a figure used by us it is also used by the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Total number of salmon has declined from 8 – 10 million to 3 – 4 million in the last 40 years – read more.

Thank you to Sarah Bayley Slater of the Atlantic Salmon Trust. 

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  1. I am sorry but this does not answer the question at all as it is all merely “assumptions” based on little fact! Where are the facts???

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