River Dee Gin

DE_riverdeegin2The River Dee Trust has joined forces with the Twin River Distillery in Banchory to produce an exciting new River Dee Gin, which will help raise funds for the Trust.

Trust manager Lorraine Hawkins said, “We are very excited to be working with Twin River. Gin has really captured the imagination recently and the Dee gin is a fantastic way to raise funds for the Trust, while also supporting the local business, Twin River.

Mike Bain of Twin River said, “We’re avid supporters of The River Dee Trust because we think it’s important to preserve and restore the river for future generations. We’ve been working with the Trust to make a limited edition 1000 bottle run of the Dee Gin. It has been selling well and will help support some of the key projects the Trust delivers on behalf of the River Dee.”

Available from Inverurie Whisky Shop and Strachan’s in Aboyne

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