New Mackenzie Rods Launched

Mackenzie-FX1-Graphene-Single-Handed---Half-wells-handleMackenzie Graphene Single handed Rods

Surely the most sought after game-fish in the UK is the trout, they will test your skill and thinking and of course your patience. To present that almost weightless fly in the correct spot and catch that fish that has eluded you for weeks or possibly month’s takes skill and patience. The best fly rod on the planet will not replace old fashioned knowledge and skill, but our new flagship Graphene single handed rods help to put the odds back in your favour. One of the most important advantages of Graphene construction is that it allows us to create rods that are lighter, stronger but incredibly sensitive for short line work and with lightning fast recovery for greater distance casting with pin point accuracy.

9ft 5 weight – A great all round rod for both wet and dry fly fishing on lochs or rivers , very sweet but incredibly sensitive graphene action for short to medium range casts but equally capable of generating fast narrow loops to extreme distances.

9ft 6weight – A great general purpose fly rod. The introduction of graphene allows us to reduce the blank diameter during construction but retain a perfect balance of strength and feel. High line speed and smooth tracking for effortless and accurate casts at all ranges.

9’6 6weight – The additional 6 inches makes this rod an ideal choice for larger rivers or lochs. The slightly longer rod can be beneficial and often preferred by anglers who bank fish or spend time running through the drifts on a boat.

10ft 6weight – The perfect dry fly rod when fishing wets or dry’s from a boat.

10ft 7weight –The perfect trout competition rod with plenty of backbone equally suitable for grilse or Salmon fishing, based on the very popular G2 but with the new Graphene construction and manufacturing enhancement’s

Mackenzie Fly Fishing products started life as a means to provide the best performing Fly Fishing products available. Our aim, to design the very best equipment without compromise has led to many award winning new products which are currently used by Pro Guides and anglers from many far flung destinations around the World. Each and every product receives rigorous testing and attention to detail throughout development. Innovation and passion combined with a wealth of experience is the key to our success. The ethos at Mackenzie Fly Fishing is to extract and develop every possible advantage from modern day manufacturing technology and materials to enhance our product range. That is why Graphene is the perfect new material for crafting our next generation of high tech performance fly rods.

Words by Andrew Toft


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