More from Nith Young Anglers

More from the Nith Young Anglers who we published an article on yesterday.
They are showcasing the work they have been doing and putting out a plea for some equipment.
“We have a core group of about 10 young boys and girls who have been inspired by the sessions and are now wanting to get their own tackle and start fishing with their parents in between sessions. They often don’t have the money to be able to buy rods and reels so we are putting out a call to anglers to have a look through some of their old tackle and donate it to our Young Anglers! Any equipment that isn’t passed onto Young Anglers will be auctioned and the proceeds used to run the Club.

We are also digging out an old pond near Auldgirth which would provide us with a great venue to teach youngsters how to fish. The aim is to work on it this during Autumn/Winter this year and have it ready for next year. We feel that the success of this Young Anglers Club is mainly due to the fact that we pay for professional angling tuition and involve the whole family so that the parents are also learning how to fish, making it a family hobby.”
If you can help, contact:-
Nith Catchment Fishery Trust
37 George Street, Dumfries, DG1 1EB
Tel: 01387 740 043    
Mob: 07775 866 306            
Here we show more of their young anglers days out and we congratulate the teams involved. The looks on these young peoples faces should bring a smile to everyone.
Fly fishing at Drum Loch Trout on!
Learning how to cast a fly rod A lovely rainbow trout taken home for tea!
Flounder fishing at Carsethorn  and Finlay does it again!
Roach caught at Dunscore Worms Fishery
Rods donated as Prizes by Dunscore Worms Fishing for coarse fish
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