Pink Salmon Advice – What To Do

19894592_1938810016340995_3921628900152816030_nAnglers in Scotland have reported several captures of fresh run non-native Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha). Some captures have also been reported in some salmon net fisheries in Scotland and both rod and net fisheries in England and Ireland. These fish are not native to Scotland and are likely to have ‘strayed’ from some of the rivers in northern Norway or Russia.

Whilst it is unlikely that they are here in sufficient numbers to establish a breeding population in the UK they have apparently colonised some Norwegian rivers after being introduced in Northern Russia. Yet another potential invasive to keep an eye out for!

Advice if you encounter these fish from Fisheries Management Scotland – read more. 

Further reading a post by Brian Shaw River Spey in 2015 – read more.

The distinctive spotty tail
The distinctive spotty tail
impressive mouth full of teeth compared to our native atlantic salmon.

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