Introduction to Fishing


BOopendayIntroduction to fishing – Buccleuch Estate, Fishpal and Border Esk Angling Club

The meeting point for this event, The Family Day on the Border Esk, was at Canonbie Church, and what a great place to meet with the Dead Neuk pool as a fantastic starting point for any angler wishing to fish the Border Esk.  The event was very well attended by three juniors and four adults, all of whom had no or very little angling experience. Iain Blackett the Border Esk & Liddle Angling Club secretary along with Sarah Exton (Buccleuch Estate Manager, Peter Kinstry (River Bailiff), Tom Carter of Fishpal  and expert river anglers Martin Coulthard with Jackie Allan hosted the event.

The newcomers were split into three groups, with the juniors fishing up at Irvine House, Martin to Canonbie Bridge and upstream, and myself (Tom Carter) with newcomer Mike to the Dead Neuk pool and downstream.

BOopenday1All the newcomers were given casting lessons and lent fishing rods.  Within a short time all the newcomers were fishing with some good ability.


Mike with me caught a cracking 1 1/2lb brownie on a size 12 silver stoat, but sadly it came off in my hands as we were releasing the fly from its lip. One of Martin’s rods also landed and released a 1/2lb brownie, and although the juniors did not catch they were getting plenty of follows by seatrout.

By lunchtime we met back at the church where Iain’s wife and Joanna from the church had laid on soup and rolls with hot and cold drinks along with some fantastic scones and biscuits. The juniors went on to fish until late afternoon, but sadly the other newcomers had to leave due to prior  engagements.

BOopenday2A success for angling YES, very much so!  What was great about this event was the fact that everyone donated something free and there were no costs to anyone attending the event. Rods, reels, lines, flies were all offered for the event by anglers and the club very kindly donated the food. Well done to all concerned at the club and at the Canonbie beat.

This type of event in these areas being free is a great advert for angling, and I would strongly recommend this to families now that the summer holidays are coming up. You will get the kids of all ages out to see nature and also work out what will attract the fish to your fly/lure. This is by no means a sport that produces a quick and easy result. Skill and thought are needed to be successful.  Less Xbox and more outdoors me thinks!!

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