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TALL2Fishing on Lochlane and Laggan for salmon with the fly has given me some memorable moments over the years.

The early flight from Gatwick had us on the river soon after 10am and in 2 days we were into 3 fish including my friend Nick hooking into a monster! John Young the ghillie had to jump into the river to hold onto Nick as this fish towed him down the fast water at alarming speed. Unfortunately, I had told him he was unlikely to catch anything bar a grisle so he only had a 6lb breaking strain leader on and that was his undoing after 20mins of a titanic struggle. At least Nick saw the fish come out of the water before he lost it! John gauged it at 25lbs plus!

TALL5On the back of that I bought 3 rods in September and had many enjoyable stays in Comrie and Crieff over the years. One year I saw a couple of fish jump at the top of beat 3 and half an hour later I had landed both of them! The second fish was a 15lb hen that took off down stream. I was on my own but soon had an audience on the far bank on the St Mary’s walk footpath and finally landed the fish by dropping my rod and rugger tackling her as my net was elsewhere which brought a round of applause from the assembled audience!!

Lochlane and Laggan offers a complete variety of fishing across its 2.1 miles and 32 named pools. It is easy to get to, has good vehicle access, 3 fishing huts with heating, cooking and wc facilities facilities. There are excellent places to stay in the vicinity and can offer some great sport. The last few Septembers have been dry and sunny, so the fishing hasn’t been as good as it should be, but these things come in cycles. The price per rod reflects September catches. Reluctantly I am selling the rods as I have not fished them for quite a few years.

Asking price offers over £9,000 for 3 rods. £3000 per rod for a week in perpetuity. Contact week owner Jamie Hawksfield on 07976 411528

If you would like to know more about selling your fishing on FishPal please contact Anne on 01573 470612 or email anne.woodcock@fishpal

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