April Tactics From Caledonia Fly Company

12936705_754850611283460_4514145038124016893_nStill plenty of fresh water running as we start this wonderful April month of spring salmon fishing. This is truly the best month for getting out there and trying to catch your first or even your second spring salmon. Water temperatures are nearly all in the forties and air temperatures are in double figures what more could we ask for to help us get a take from the wily salmon.

You should be moving up the water table slightly with the warming waters swimming your fly nearer to the surface than the river bed. I have been out and there are quite a few intermediate tips being used which catch regularly. Down to the main item on your line the fly, what fly should I pick out of my fly box this month?

2205Great fly for April is the Yellow Moose, still keeping those black and yellow colour variation but with the copper body which the salmon likes in the stained spring waters. I would also not forget the Girnal Shrimp great attractor for any salmon that is in the mood to take. If I am looking to get my fly down a little bit further a fantastic tube pattern is the Pump House Shrimp Conehead or the Gledswood Tosh loop bottle tube.

Wherever you are fishing April is always a great month to be out there, have a great months sport, this could be the month of the FishPal trophy winner as there will be some larger fishing moving into our systems!

Enjoy your fishing as much as we do at Caledonia Fly Company.

Malcolm Anderson

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