Lovely Beat With More Fly Water

Jan 20, 2016 | Where To Fish

12494732_10153921351093023_8898509405482231699_nFishPal and Angling Active visited the newly opened Delvine & Burnbane beat at Caputh, between Kercock & Murthly last Saturday.

The first two days of the season, this previously under-fished beat was fished by some very experienced anglers/ghillies from Speyside and Deeside. On both days they enjoyed plenty of rod action from the boat and bank with kelts and a couple of fish possibly the ‘real thing. We too had success in just 10 minutes whilst taking photographs.

Since taking over the beat in October Jim, Simon and their team have undertaken the clearance of a huge amount of scrubland to give easy access for bank anglers. There is a new hut arriving soon which will replace the existing one. The hut is a replica of the one at Dunkeld Fishing. The beat has 2 experienced Tay ghillies and 2 new, comfortable and sturdy Tay boats.

The beat commences some 600 metres below Caputh bridge and is 2 mile left bank and 1 1/2 miles right bank. It has some deep holding pools. This is the beat where Georgina Ballantine probably played her record breaking fish in the tail of Sparrowmuir pool. It certainly is a beat that she would have fished, her cottage sits in the distance.

Their beat enjoys some classic, streamy water for fly fishing from the bank or wading in the tail of Sparrowmuir, Sparrowmuir stream, Tail of Burnbane Pool, the Salt hole and Darroch pool.

What did the guys think of the beat.

“Really like the beat, perfect water conditions, nice fly water including some that is a challenge. Those parts of the beat that are tricky to fish with the fly in summer or low water should be really interesting” say Will

“Exciting new beat” says Alistair

“Lovely beat with more fly water than I thought the Tay had. Salt holes is a nice pool, fly fishes really well down it” say’s Stuart who normally fishes the Dee, Spey and North Esk

“Lovely fly water – still got to do banks work in progress – getting there – Head Boatman Jim Ferrie

“Not had the 45lb springer I was promised (only joking). It’s an absolutely fantastic beat” Says Sam with a hearty laugh.

The party of anglers stayed at Miss Ballantine’s Cottage overlooking the famous Boat Pool at Glendelvine. Her former home is now an enchanting fishing lodge, recently refurbished, with a wonderful first floor sitting room overlooking the pool where she caught the UK’s largest salmon at 64lb. Sleeps 6. Perfect for rods fishing Murthly and Delvine & Burnbane beats.

The beat is 8 minutes from Meikleour Hotel. We stayed in one of the two bedroom and one bedroom cottages, nestled along the wall of the old Victorian kitchen garden. Situated 900m from the Meikleour Arms Hotel, breakfast is included within the price, minimum stay 2 nights. At guests disposal are gun cabinets, drying facilities and storage for game birds. Dogs welcome.

Huge thanks to Hazel Ferrie for taking some fabulous opening day photos of the beat

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