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Salmon Membership

Salmon Membership is available for an annual fee of £350. Members can fish as many days as they wish until 9th April 2016, provided there is rod availability. Thereafter, for the rest of the season, to 30th November, members can fish on any 10 rod days of their choice. These days can be gifted to friends or family and guests can fish accompanied or independently. Rods can be taken singly or in multiples, provided there is availability on the FishTweed website to accommodate the rod/rods (max 5). Rods can be booked in advance or at short notice, subject to availability. Reservation of rods should be made through FishTweed, who will keep a running total of days taken and rods remaining. Rod reservation in the early season to April 9th should also be made through FishTweed in order to keep within the 5 rods per day fishing limit. Should a member exceed the allowance of 10 rod/days it is possible to arrange additional days on a pro rata basis. Tweed Commission Regulations and beat rules apply. Availability closes on 31/3/2016.

Sea Trout Membership

Sea Trout Membership is available for an annual fee of £240. Membership runs from 16th May to 16th August (3 months). Members can fish from 6:00pm to 12:00 midnight, Monday to Saturday, as often as they wish. This membership is re- stricted to eight people. Rules will be issued to members in accordance with Tweed Commission Regulations and rules of the beat. No Sunday fishing. No prior booking required, but members will be asked to sign a book on arrival and record their catch.

2016 Membership Options
Salmon Membership from 1st February to 30th November
Sea Trout Membership from 16th May to 16th August

Both memberships are limited in number and subject to Tweed Commission Regulations and beat rules. Membership is available up to 31st March 2016 unless fully subscribed earlier.

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