New Middle Tay Beat

Dec 11, 2015 | Where To Fish

Delvine & Burnbane Fishings on the middle Tay opens its doors to general public on Friday January 15th. This new Tay beat starts 600 metres below Caputh bridge at Murthly and offers visiting anglers two miles of left bank and 1 1/2 miles of right bank salmon fishing downstream towards Kercock beat.

Simon Furniss, Dunkeld Fishing says “This beat has been lightly fished for many years and recent catches do not show the full potential of the beat, which should be able to produce 250 plus salmon a season”

Delvine & Burnbane enjoys a good mixture of good spinning water and classic, streamy fly water. There are 12 named pools; Sparrowmuir pool which is 530 yards long, Sparrowmuir, Sparrowmuir stream, Burnbane pool, Sandy Bay, Sycamore tree, Burnbane, Corner pool, Big stone, Twin trees, Salt hole, Darroch pool.


The owners are investing in a new fishing hut & toilet and a new boat. Both banks are being opened up for easier access for anglers who enjoy spinning and fly fishing. The beat is offering two types of tickets; a bank/wading and a boat ticket which includes a ghillie and fishing for two rods.

We expect this beat to be a popular and productive Tay beat – read more. 

Large Tay Salmon

The largest salmon ever caught in UK waters was caught on the River Tay by Miss Georgina Ballantine. Her 64lb salmon caught in the beat above was finally landed on the Delvine & Burnbane waters.

An extract from “Landing of the Record Tay Salmon 7th October 1922”

“Then began a Homeric battle. He was hooked well out in the stream above Bargie Stone and after a few moments of very ordinary play, we decided to land him at the broken bank behind Bargie – on the Murthly side – the slack water there being an advantage. But the fish’s plans and ours did not coincide. Whirr-r-r. An alarming amount of lie was torn off and the reel screeched as it had never screeched before and the fish careered madly downstream and down, down, following the fish we were compelled to go.

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