Idyllic Scottish Rural Retreat

In the far north highlands, just two hours from Inverness is an idyllic rural Scottish retreat. The family-run Borrobol Estate offers some of Sutherland’s finest trout fishing and lies in one of the most remote landscapes in Scotland.

Borrobol Cottages  welcome you to experience this open tundra. Red deer often graze up to the cottages in the evenings and you have your own fishing boat on Loch Ascaig. After a day exploring you come back to a wood-burning stove or an open fire and experience a true wilderness.

Each cottage has its own rowing boat on Loch Ascaig, less than a mile up a dirt track. The loch is known as one of the best in the area for wild brown trout fishing. On one day in July last year over a hundred brownies were caught from two boats.

The River Friadh, a tributary of the River Helmsdale is worth fishing for salmon and sea-trout after a spate from mid-summer onwards. Walking from top to bottom, fishing for wild brown trout, makes a wonderful day’s expedition.
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Borrobol Estate Cottages, Kinbrace, Sutherland.

One response to “Idyllic Scottish Rural Retreat”

  1. What a fabulous place I stayed in Borrobol lodge many times with my great friend Peter Cuthbertson and his family many times in the the 1980’s and 1990’s also in the Gardeners cottage.
    Peter has sadly passed on now since 27th November 2013 but he is sorely missed by all who knew him.
    I had many great days on the Helmsdale River and the Friadh with him also on Loch Ascaig fishing for the superb brownies therein.
    I was priviledged to fish on this Estate and continue my life time friendship with Johnny Sutherland(Hardy).

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