Sea Trout Fishing on the Annan

20150612_201005The first of three charity sea trout events commenced last Friday night, in the grounds of Hoddam Castle, hosted by Mr George Birbeck, and Micheal Ferns from the Annan Fishery Trust.

The event was well attended, with anglers of all ages attending. AAPGAI casting instructor Bert Schaff from Germany was present and gave helpful advice and instruction to anglers who were new to sea trout fishing.

The barbecue commenced at 7.30pm where guests met and fishing stories exchanged. The bright sunshine of the past fews days gave way to some light cloud which lessened the brightness of the evening sun, expectations were high!!

20150612_210047Three beats had donated fishing for the night, Newbie, Cleuchhead and Hoddam
and anglers were offered any beat to fish, needless to say, all the beats were fished.

I went to Cleuchhead, purely because like most beats on the Annan it is very pretty and the pools give you great variety. I with the other rods hit the fishing beat at around 10pm and got tackled up with a 5 weight, 9 ft rod and some chest waders.

I started at Jimmys Stream and fished towards the fishing hut, arriving back at 11.45pm.

The river was quiet, with very little rising, until around 11pm, then the seatrout started to move. The first two fish I hooked in to were running fish and could well have come off the tide at 8.40pm. Then as darkness fell, splash, splash!, behind, infront, every where and then a long pull, we’re in!

20150612_171454The others were all in the same boat, lots of pulls and fish on, but nothing landed as far as I know. A great night in good company, and as Bert Schaff said, “I have never been sea trout fishing at night before, and how exciting!!”, he has since gone on and caught his first night seatrout on the Annan last night. Great news to hear.

There are events like these across rivers in the region and I would recommend you go. The cost £25 for a BBQ, Fishing and all for charity, can’t be bad.

You don’t need to be Wayne Rooney for charity events like this.

Tom Carter

One response to “Sea Trout Fishing on the Annan”

  1. Lovely. I have caught 2 salmon in Jimmy’s Stream at Cleuchhead. A 9 1/2 lber in late August 2006 that broke a multiple-season salmon drought. It took a size 14 Orange shrimp treble fished off an 8wt intermediate line off a 12ft DH. Then I caught a 14lb salmon in October two years later, also from Jimmy’s Stream, in very high water. It took a Rapala.

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