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Angling Active StirlingSea trout are into nearly all the river systems with good runs as I write and with more to come. Preparation is well worth doing as it will be dark when you are trying to find a replacement fly for the one you have just left up a tree. Leader material to hand and a well sorted out fly box are a must with of course a torch

There will be some huge sea trout taken off several of our rivers and lochs this season. It’s got to be one of the most exciting times for the angler who can’t see the fish until it is at their feet.

There are several methods to catch sea trout on the fly and one of the most explosive has got to be fishing on the top with wake flies. The Gurglers, Jumbo Muddlers with those nasty trebles and Jambo tube flies are fantastic on large pools. A few of my friends like to catch them will take a few on dry flies as well, Yellow May and Klink patterns – search flies.

The more traditional way of catching them is in bubbly runs and out flow “V” of the pool and I would be on black and blue patterns, like the Teal & Black, Teal & Blue, Lackagh Stoat, Medicine Fly, Grey Monkey, Haslem and not forgetting the must have on the cast the Squirrel & Blue. The Squirrel and Blue has got to be the most reliable fly in the box.

For the large rivers I use Aluminium tube flies up to a tube length of 2” favourites are the Pearl Teal & Blue Midnight Magic and the Pearly Stoat’s Tail – search flies.

If you are fishing brackish water or even saltwater for them a very successful larger patterns are the Elver and the Demon patterns, fish these with clear intermediate lines and clear tips to help you keep out of site of the most spook of trout.

Angling Active

Rods: Nothing out of the ordinary is required. If you have a 9 or 10′, #5 to #8 trout rod and a floating or clear intermediate line to match you’re almost ready to go – find rods.

Whatever you do, be safe, take your phone, try to be as quiet as you can on the gravel, don’t wade, and keep any torch light off  the water. And so ends the recipe for a good night at the seatrout. Good Luck!

Craig Somerville Angling Active

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Angling Active

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