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Altnahara Beat 2The river emerges from the steep Altnahara gorge into the more open vistas of the Daltra Beat, with magnificent scenery and some fine old conifers within the extensive areas of native broadleaves.

This beat offers a very wide variety of fishing from high water levels downwards, perhaps really coming into its best on a falling river to a medium height.  From the Daltra Pool to the Sand Pool there is no opposition from the opposite bank.  The combination of the Altnahara Beat with the Daltra Beat ensures that so long as the river is in a fishable condition there are always excellent angling opportunities in a number of pools up and down the beats. Vehicle (4WD is best) access is to groups of pools. The Daltra Beat is fished on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

The Altnahara Beat is immediately upstream of the Daltra Beat and in every respect offers a different set of challenges to the angler.  It’s entire run of 15 named pools it is set in a magnificent gorge.  The steep sides to this gorge are studded with native flora and trees ranging from Caledonian pine, birch, alder, bird cherry to numerous types of willow.   A few exotic trees introduced on the Glenferness side add to the diversity.   This beat offers the angler the most fishing when the water conditions are on the low side. Some experts say the lower the water the better!   This is all to do with the series of turbulent rock pools in the middle of the beat which only fish in really low water conditions.   Above and below this area there are larger pools that offer good prospects in higher, medium and low water conditions.  It is only in very high water that the two rods are left with just two top class high water pools to share between themselves. For the weekly team this is not a serious problem because of the daily alternating arrangements with the Daltra Beat downstream.   On this beat all fishing is from the left bank as Glenferness has the fishing rights on the right bank. It should be noted that there is no vehicle access along this beat. Vehicles are parked beside the public road. The Altnahara Beat is fished on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Fishing is available for weeks beginning:-
24th August 2015 (10 yr av. 10 fish). 31st August 2015 (10 yr av. 6 fish).  7th September 2015 (10 yr av, 3 fish)

Dulsie Cottage, sleeping up to 4, is let on a self catering basis with the alternating Daltra and Altnahara Beats. The let is from 4pm on the 1st Sunday to 10am the following Sunday. The weekly rent is ₤535 inc VAT

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