Mackenzie Fly Lines – Autumn Fishing

Mackenzie RodsAnglers who adapt to suit conditions have a better chance of tempting fish during November. This is the time of year when their is a dramatic change – “What works one day may not work another day” says Scott Mackenzie.A multi tip will cover most of the water columns. Using a SH system does make life easier, the deeper you need your fly to go the SH come into their own. Using a compact SH head line you are lifting 45ft out of the depths as opposed to 60 to 70 feet of line, allowing you to fish at different depths quicker. Using different heads allows you to adapt quickly – saves money as you don’t have to buy spare spools for different lines.

“When you look at the cost of your fishing trip, spending a few extra pounds getting your lines right – really does help” says Scott.

Adapt if your usual methods are not working, choose something differently. If you have not had a offer down a pool the first time, think is the fly deep enough or too big/small. What have they seen/not seen. Stir them up using bigger flies or smaller flies moving quickly across a pool to induce a take. Drop a Francis down deep, almost along the bottom and on to their noses. If they have seen a willie gunn – choose a something different like a Snelder.

The element of surprise is key, present the fly differently – think ‘out of the box’.

Contact a Mackenzie Stockist to discuss the best line for your rod.

Win a Mackenzie Rod this Autumn – follow this link.


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