Autumn Flies

Nov 5, 2014 | Tackle Box

Caledonia Fly CompanyIt’s that time of year when salmon are starting to settle into their lies and become defensive of their area. They can now come across as rather fickle, especially those resident fish that have seen a few flies swim past them during the past few months.

Being armed with the right lines and prepared to change flies – anglers changing tactics to suit conditions and changeable weather have a better chance of tempting fish during this month.

The usual culprits for November, Willie Gunn, red or purple Francis trotted temptingly down the stream are top scoring flies. Change your tactic and take the swing out of the cast and try a more direct route down stream by using a bugging style. When the fly comes to the end of the drift raise your rod in a upwards movement to lift the fly and to induce a take from anything that has followed it down.

Francis 4008Being “Different” is always worth a try, so once you have fished your Autumn Willie Gunn’s and Francis patterns, get your thinking cap on. If the water is clear then keep to red, black or orange patterns. If you have bright conditions fish subtle patterns like a lightly dressed Willie Gunn or a small Willie Gunn Snaelda with very little flash.

Here are a few of my November favourite’s

Willie Gunn double, Raptor and the Red Devil Pot Belly Pig’s, Holo Green Willie Gunn works very well. My all time favourite for November is the Autumn Shrimp double, this is a fantastic crocodile catcher on the Nith and the Tweed, remember fish the fly at the right depth by using your sinking tips.

With the cooler, shorter days, mid-afternoon as the light starts to fade is always a great time to present your deadliest pattern.

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