Autumn Fish Catch and Release

River Annan catch and releaseAs a result of the low water conditions which lasted the whole summer and the first half of the autumn the River Annan and many of our rivers currently have numbers of both coloured sea trout and salmon in the system.  The River Annan District Salmon Fishery Board would like to remind anglers coming to visit the Annan of the importance of catch and release and the importance (in what has been a poor year so far for salmon numbers) of ensuring that these fish be allowed to continue on their journey to spawn and if caught they should be released to the water as soon as possible. The majority of the anglers that visit the Annan either practise catch and release or apply common sense when taking a fish for the table but there are a minority of anglers that will ruin this for everyone. Recently two salmon and six sea trout were confiscated by our bailiffs from two anglers fishing the river over the course of three days, one salmon was taken on the river bank and the other salmon plus the trout were taken from their hotel where they were staying. The anglers were cautioned over the offence. The RADSFB would like to stress that it does not condone this behaviour as under section 18 of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act it is an offence to take unclean or unseasonable salmon. The RADSFB bailiffs will continue to monitor this problem with a view to cautioning and prosecuting further offenders. Anglers guide to Catch and Release Atlantic Salmon Trust learning zone – Salmon Recognition Atlantic Salmon Trust learning zone – Sea trout Recognition

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