Autumn is nearly here

Sep 25, 2014 | River Reports

MalcolmThank you to Malcolm at Caledonia Fly Company for this months fly choice.

Low summer water levels are still with us this Autumn and with a few flash floods lifting our rivers up for a few days introducing pulses of Salmon heading up to their birth place to start the cycle all over again. We recommend you fish with Orange, Red and even Purple patterns in the Autumn these will provide you with most sport on whatever river you are fishing. Remembering that if water levels are low and fish are fickle stick to slim and sparse flies as normal but with the same colour as I have mentioned.

The Ally’s collection of shrimp patterns will never let you down.  Ally’s Red, Cascade, Purple and Original fished on a dressed fly or even on a tube fly are sure to get your line tightened, but sometime the fish are stale and have been hanging around those pools waiting for that urge to move on that is where different patterns will come out on top. Some of my favourite double patterns are Copper Devil, Red or Orange Flame throwers,  Copper Munro. The Autumn &  All Season Shrimps may look a bit of a gimmicky type of fly but I can assure you they are not, they have put some fine catches of Autumn salmon for many an angler. These flies were designed by a great Salmon fly tier Dougie Reilly many seasons ago and he let these out of his closely guarded fly box one day. Strikingly like the crustacean’s they eat in the feeding grounds, it must trigger something in their heads as these Orange and red shrimp patterns do work.

The Francis family of shrimp style flies is well loved by many an angler for the Autumn run fish, they come in Doubles, Trebles and Tube forms also in many colour with Red and Purple are by far the most popular.

Rivers will rise and fall over the next month and when the water cools down and the rivers are up fish will be more reluctant to come to your fly near the surface, so you will have to fish your fly down deeper in the water to tempt them, you will have to get your heavier tips out and the copper tubes from ½” to 3” my favourite tubes flies are Comally Shrimp,  Junction Rocket, Dee Devil, Temple Shrimp & Magenta Shrimp. For more information  please follow this link


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