Three Must Have Salmon Flies

Caledonia Fly CompanyWe asked Malcolm Anderson, Caledonia Fly Company which three salmon flies you don’t want to leave at home this month. 

Remember low weather conditions and high water temperatures mean that the salmon will get reluctant to move from their summer lies in those deeper pools and fast flowing streams, unless of course there are summer spates to liven things up and the introduction of the summer grilse.

Three patterns that will bring sport to you throughout the summer months.

 The Silver Munro  a good all round summer pattern with all the correct attributes, slimly dressed and with a touch of silver giving you a very good profile with a little flashy kick. It will take some of the older wily spring fish and has no problem attracting those fresh run summer silvers athletes we chase in these longer evenings.

The Executioner  one of our most famous patterns that has been around longer than I have and is in most anglers inventory. Superb morning and evening fly and one to leave on all day if the clouds are about. Again slimly dressed for the summer months with a hint of silver flashing though the wing will attract just about anything that’s swimming in your stream. Great late night Sea Trout fly and will always give you a nice surprise when it takes a salmon in the darker hours.

The Crathie Fly  a  slender minimalistic pattern that is just fantastic in clear low water conditions. It is in a class of its own when the grilse, summer salmon and sea trout are running.  Great white water pattern.

For your nearest stockiest of Caledonia Flies please visit their website .

Caledonia Flies – the number one fly choice.

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1 Response to Three Must Have Salmon Flies

  1. henrygiles says:

    The Executioner is a great fly. Good on the River Nith.

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