Perfect June Salmon & Sea Trout Flies asked Malcolm Anderson from Caledonia Fly Company to recommend his top salmon and sea trout patterns for June. So whether you are going fishing in a river or estuary below is a list of successful flies to have in your fly box.

Salmon Patterns:

With water temperature moving up to the 50 degrees and over salmon will be more likely to come all the way to the surface for your fly so smaller lighter patterns are the order for the month of June. Top flies to try for salmon are the Crathie double and the Junction Gunn,  both have proved fantastic catchers in the past few seasons.

Sea Trout Patterns:

Squirrel and Blue – must be one of the most prolific patterns in whatever location on a river or estuary. Just one pattern that should be on your cast, be it on a single, double or even a flying treble.

Delphi Blue single is a famous top dropper pattern, which gives a little ripple/bow wave as it starts across the pool and with the palmered hackle pulses under the surface film.

For those cooler evening of days with high water you can try something a bit bigger which will bring out the larger Sea Trout from their resting spots. The Blue or Night Demon will get them moving to your lure.

Top of the water action for those of you who like to see the take, try skating a Blue Slider or a Jumbo Blue Muddler on a full floater of an intermediate tip, you will normally see them tailing in behind your fly before the exciting take.

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