Prolific Spring Salmon Fly

Caledonia Fly CompanyThis month we asked Malcolm Anderson Managing Director of Caledonia Fly Company Ltd for his top spring fly.

Without question one of the most prolific spring Salmon patterns is the Posh Tosh Mk III, devised by my friend and Salmon fly tying guru Iain Wilson from the Tweed who keep on tweaking the original and improving its catching powers.

The two tone wing and fluorescent throat hackle of artic fox flowing over the top and bottom of the brightest of mirage body’s is a true stunner in the water. We can’t emphasize how good this pattern is in whatever format you use.  It comes in a single, double, treble, Copper, Conehead and Aluminums tubes to suit all water conditions, from 2 1/2 “ copper tubes to a size 16 treble.

It can be fishing in all conditions and depth on all types of lines, you think it’s only a big water pattern, but when the water drops and goes crystal clear, you may think it’s a bit bright, but know it works. Just refine the size of the fly and it will be sure to pick up those spring fish for you.

Caledonia Fly Company

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