AAPGAI Jim Fearn at Jubilee Lakes

Jim Fearn AAPGAIJim Fearn from Rio Salmon lines and Vision Rods will be at Jubilee Lakes Sunday 2nd February.

If you are looking for a new salmon rod or line AAPGAI Master and Rio, Vision expert Jim Fearn will be demonstrating different spey casts using the new Rio lines and offering his top tips for salmon fishing. Jim is available to advise anglers on their casting, including what rods & lines might suit them best.

Sunday February 2nd from 11a.m. Directions

Try the new Rio Lines from sinking, floating, multi-tips to skagit etc.

Try the latest salmon rods from Vision.

Jubilee Lakes will continue to offer their unique service to customers looking for a new line in 2014 –  bring your salmon rod to the shop and try the line, all popular lines are sitting on reels, ready to try. Customers can then cast the line on their purpose built fishing lakes. – read more

Jim Fearn AAPGAI at Jubilee Lakes

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