Junior rod Tom, lands his first salmon.

Tom Perry Warnes with his first salmonTom Perry-Warnes first introduction to fishing was on the Cree in July. Sadly the fish were not in a taking mood, the result of low water and weather akin to the Mediterranean. So dad Johnny decided that a three day fishing trip at the end of the season to the Nith would offer better prospects to connect with his first fish.

On arrival the water was so high that the river was almost un-fishable, the complete opposite of summer fishing on the Cree. However, the river was starting to drop back improving their chances on the last day of their fishing season

During the afternoon of their last day, Tom hooked into a 20lb salmon on the Friars Carse beat. With the expert and calming presence of his ghillie Alan he took 20 minutes to land it.

15 year old Tom is totally hooked and currently planning their next trip to the Nith in 2014.

Well done Tom.

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