Callum Mackenzie Cup Winner

Nov 13, 2013 | River Reports

Callum Mackenzie Cup Congratulations to Oliver Lusby winner of the most notable capture by a young angler under 18, in the Dee District.

Dad, Nigel, had promised his son two days salmon fishing on the Dee as reward for his excellent grades in his Highers,  a real treat and first for Oliver as he had never spey cast or fished for salmon before.

By day two on Crathes Oliver was casting a long belly spey line across the lies with ease. Fishing the pool above his dad, he hooked into the biggest fish caught on the Dee that day, his first salmon and a fish of a life time. Remembering his dads sound advice “If you get into a fish, play it from the bank, be gentle and patient, you have a small hook (size 13 double), and you can’t horse these like pulling in mackerel” and the expert guidance from
Crathes ghillie Brian Sim, Oliver’s 18lb salmon was netted, photographed and safely released.

A proud moment for dad Nigel and Brian who has known Oliver since he started primary school.

Dad, Nigel said “To be honest afterwards, I had trouble getting him out of the water for his lunch, and this became more difficult as the day progressed”

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